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Greetings from KOKOS!

KOKOS is a leading provider of international education consulting and migration services with a commitment and focus on the New Zealand and Australian education industry. Established in 1997, KOKOS has served over 100,000 clients to date, offering precise and professional information that has resulted in helping 2,500 people move overseas for various purposes each year.

Educational services represent our greatest area of expertise.
KOKOS provides a service to international students wishing to study in New Zealand & Australia, and educational institutions wishing to attract international students to New Zealand & Australia. Professional services are provided in the areas of student
counselling, visa processing, airport pick up services, orientation programs and continuous education path counselling for international students.

Our staff consist of Koreans, Australians and New Zealanders; with ten offices in major cities of Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea and China. We intend on expanding our market base by branching out from the Philippines and opening future offices in neighbouring Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar, and we have recently opened an office in Christchurch.

As an education and migration management company, we are proud to have served over 100,000 clients, providing tailored information and quality services to ensure our clients success overseas. We have also been nominated for and received various awards throughout the years; none of which would have been possible without the continuous and sincere support we receive from our partner education providers.

Why Choose KOKOS

Qualified Agency

KOKOS is compliant with the National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students.

Best Industry Experts

As an education and migration management company, we are proud of serving over 100,000 clients.

Over 20 years Experience

KOKOS provides international education, migration and travel services for over 20 years mainly in Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

Who we are


Simon Kim, Director of New Zealand

Simon joined KOKOS in 2016 as Director of the New Zealand market. He has a wealth of experience in the education industry and was regional manager at IAE for thirteen years.

Heoverseas and manages all New Zealand operations and works in conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer, Min Chang, and the Director of Australia, Chul Lee, and Bill Hwang for global outreach strategies.

The Team

The Team

KOKOS is comprised of multi-cultural staff who have a strong understanding of both New Zealand education and the international student community; with most of our staff coming to New Zealand as International Students themselves.

We are an enthusiastic and friendly team who take pride in adhering to a high standard of ethics, conduct and fiduciary responsibility. KOKOS is committed to best practice and creates a holistic framework that minimizes the risks for international students coming to Australia and New Zealand for study and travel.

KOKOS History

2015 – 2017
Hosted KOKOS Expo in Seoul COEX & Melbourne
Simon Kim appointed Director of KOKOS New Zealand
Opened office in Guangzhou, China and Christchurch, New Zealand
2012 – 2015
Hosted Student Fair in Seoul COEX
Published QS Top Universities Guide (Korean version)
Participated in Australia Sydney JOB Fair
Established office in Manila
Hosted 1st Student Fair in Manila, Philippines
Became a member of AIRC (American International Recruitment Council)
Official Korea office for U.S.A. AYES foundation hosted the 2nd Student Fair in Seoul joint operation with JOBKOREA
Hosted Student Fair in Seoul with JOBKOREA
Acquisition license of IAA New Zealand immigration consultant
Awarded the Best SME in ANZCCK Business awards 2008
Establishment of Branch office in Auckland
Organized school camp in South Australia
2006 – 2007
Awarded Australian Import Award – Education Sector
Official partnership with about 200 universities worldwide
Establishment of Branch offices in Brisbane & Adelaide
Cooperative operation of Australia Study Expo with JOBKOREA
Establishment of Branch offices in Brisbane & Adelaide
Awarded Australian Import Award – Education Sector
2004 – 2005
Establishment of KOKOS Melbourne Office
Official partnership with about 100 universities worldwide
Registered Australian< Government migration agent
1997 – 2003
Establishment of KOKOS International Pty Ltd
Participate in 1st Australian Education Exhibition
Hosted 1st KOKOS Study Camps in cooperation with South Australia and Gyeonggi provincial office of education